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Speaking of...

The official (yet surprisingly user-friendly) newsletter of Speaking of Sarah
Edition #1 Autumn 98

Hi and welcome to the 1st (but hopefully not last) edition of ‘Speaking of...’
In this edition you will find all sorts of weird and wonderful stuff, including info on the band, what’s coming up, CD news, and instructions for assembling a small helicopter. So sit back, get comfy, and enjoy!!

Speaking of WHO??

Speaking of Sarah is:
Di vocals
Muz guitar, bgv
Trev bass, bgv
Tim drums

Did you know (and do you care?)
that ‘Buffalo Road’ (the hidden track on the CD) was actually recorded 6 months before the rest of the CD, while SOS was recording its demo tape? Although it is attributed to Dusty Potts, some people think that it sounds remarkably similar to Trev!

Q + A

Since this is the 1st edition, we haven't given anyone the chance to ask us any questions yet, so until they start pouring in we'll just have to ask the questions ourselves!
Q: How did you get your name?
A: Muz was reading a magazine article on a singer called Sarah Masen (highly recommended). One sentence started with 'Speaking of Sarah...', and he liked the sound of it. The rest of the band agreed!
Q: So the band doesn't actually have a 'Sarah'?
A: No, but we do have a Trev who answers to that name.
Q: How did SOS get together?
A: Muz, Di, and Tim met at Uni in Armidale where they were in bands of various descriptions (probably the best description would be 'bad'). They also spent a few years in Narrabri before moving to Sydney in 1995 where they met Trev. In 1996 they got together to form a band (originally called Hum) and this was the start of SOS.
Q: Does anyone in the band really know how to assemble a small helicopter?
A: No.

Hey you....Yeah YOU!!

Why not call your favourite radio station(we suggest JJJ) and request 'Wired for Sound' by Speaking of Sarah? Don't forget to say pleeeease....!!!

Did you know (and do you care?) that the SOS album was recorded as a university assignment for co-producer Glen Jones?

CD news

The self-titled debut album from SOS was recorded in June 1997. The recording process was both fun and exhausting, as well as being a great learning experience (we now know what foods not to eat before spending a few hours locked in a small room.) The CD is currently available through a variety of sources such as Castle Records (Castle Hill), Koorong (West Ryde), Waterfront Records(Sydney), Redeye Records(Sydney) and direct from the band (see contacts). Here are a few of the things people have said about it....
* 'The music is intriguing....moody guitar music overwhelmed by beautiful fragile vocals' (Zane, Endtimes Zine)
* 'A tight punchy band with some focussed storming one moment, and soft and autumnal the next.' (Martin Fawkes, Radio Radio)
* 'By far the best CD ever made!' (Murray J. M. Blythe)
* 'I can't understand what she's saying!' (Tim's mum and dad)
* 'What a fantastic year for Australian bands and releases....It's hard to say which is my favourite, but some contenders are Speaking of Sarah (Sixpence meets Alanis)...' (Malcolm, CMP)

Tim's Recipe for Mashed Potatoes

1. Boil water. (In a pot)
2. Put potatoes in. (Pot)
3. Leave for a while. Do not leave until pot has boiled dry. If this happens, scrape charcoal off pot and go to step 1.
4. Put in some milk.
5. Mash.
6. Eat.

Hot off the press:

Great news! Speaking of Sarah has been invited back to Black Stump!! Black Stump is Australia's biggest Christian Music Festival, held over the October long weekend.


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mail: c/o 7 Cadac Place, Schofields, 2762
phone: (02) 9626 1361