Over the years comic art has improved from black and white drawings to detailed illustrations using many colours and shades. Join Deadpool as he explains how modern comic book art is done.

Before an artist can start drawing anything, they need to know what they are going to draw. So, the writer of a comic usually gives the artist an outline of the story for the comic. Only then can the artist start their work.

The first part of the art is the pencils. This is where a comic artist uses pencils to draw in the basic picture. The penciler also normally marks in the areas of the drawing they want filled in black by the inker.

When the penciler has finished drawing the comic, the artwork then goes to the inker. The inker uses ink to go over the pencilled drawing, making it more defined and filling black areas. An inker may also add in extra background art.

Once the inking is done on the art a colourist then takes over. A colourist first provides a colour guide on the art. This can be done by hand, but is more commonly done using computer technology.

Finally, the colourist uses computer technology, with special software that fills out the colours, adds shading and other snazzy effects. The end result is what you see in modern day comics.

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