Here we have a collection of internet links to other great sites. Just click and go.

Comic Book Hero Sites

Deadpool's Stagnant Pond - An excellent Deadpool site made by the maker of this site! Visit it!

Deadpool: The Merc with a Mouth- A good Deadpool site.

May's Mag: A great page centred around the "Spider-girl". Includes reviews, etc.

Daredevil The Man Without Fear- A great page with everything you would ever want to do with Daredevil.

Unofficial Spider-man Homepage - The best Spider-man site around. If there is anything you want to know about Spidey, it's here.

General Comic Book Pages

Avalon Studios - Check out this comic company that uses the latest technology in their comic book production. You can view the comics they make at various stages before publishing. Also have a look at the comic book movies online!

Create: The Comic Book Creation Site - A site similar to this one made by the same person, check it out!

Marvel Online - Visit the people that make Spider-man, the X-men and others. Find out more about your favourite comics! Make sure to check out the interactive comics available.

TMU magazine - A great weekly e-zine that reviews and discusses everything Marvel.

DC Comics - Visit the home of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and many other famous D.C. characters at their official site.

Comic Book Resources - A great page with current comic book news and a very large amount of links and other resources.

KUBERTSWORLD - This is the online presence of a school that teaches you how to make comic books! Check out the different sections. You can sign up for a correspondence course, order some stationary or find out about the schools history!

Other Sites of Interest

Speaking of Sarah -An official site for this new band maintained by the creator of this site.

The University of Wollongong - A place of tertiary education in Wollongong.